How can I wire a speaker to a battery to amplify it? Should I? Also, how can I wire speakers to both jack and bluetooth? Answered


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I wish to wire a speaker, and I was wondering if I could or should wire it to a battery to amplify it. I have a spare battery for an ACE phone that is fully charged and new, and I would love to use this battery. 


You need an AMPLIFIER to amplify the sound, you cannot connect a battery on its own, you will damage the speaker pretty well instantly, and probably the bluetooth module

all you need is to find one of those desktop speakers with the little knob that controls the volume and get the circutry out of it the for the wiring use a spliter or selector switch

find a set of old desktop powered speakers or eBay audio amplifiers

I got mine from a monitor with built in speakers that I disconnected. Would they have power enough?