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How can I wirelessly access a wind monitor via the internet? Answered

I am going to set up a wind-speed monitor at a local beach for kiteboarding. I currently subscribe to ikitesurf.com, but they don't have a monitor at the beach I want. How can I set it up to the Internet so I can get a live feed of the wind speed on my computer at home (home is quite a ways from the beach, as in about 10 miles)?



Best Answer 9 years ago

this sounds like a perfect project for an iobridge. iobridge.com It is a device that will hook any circuit to the internet. You could also talk to the beach manager, and say that you would like to help setup a weather station at thier beach, and ask if you can mount it on their building.

Its do-able, if you are prepared to accept losing the thing, if you use a pay-as-you-go mobile and SMS to send/receive information - in the UK where I am you can pick up a mobile (cellular) for around 35USD. I wouldn't use a "traditional" anemometer, but a hot-wire type - it won't look anything like as attractive to steal, and it would be more robust. You might even be able to solar power it. Presumably you'd only need to know the windspeed during the day ? Steve

Tricky, I'm thinking whatever you leave at the beach may get "nicked". You could hook-up a mobile phone to something, but you'd have network costs associated. Radio might be better, but you'd really need a licence and the whole thing is going to be technically complex. Nice if you can do it, would love to see this done. L