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How can a 14 year old make some money? Answered

 Just like a little extra money on hand.


 Grow flowers and veg in ur garden and sell them. This takes a little time but is a sure shot. Like onions. They take 2 years to produce seed and although you can grow onions from a previous onion growing from a seed is easy so the seeds sell. Then there is adenium. It sells for a good price, require a bit time to get the seeds and is a very low maintenance plant. These are just 2 examples. Start growing as a side job. It will provide a steady income once you get started. And since it does not require much time you can devote it to earning money form other sources too.
You can write a squidoo lens. Its basically an instructable page with all the links like a link to a related youtube video and links to other websites. You make money with the ads here.
On the traditional route you can walk the dog, mow the lawn, water the garden, do a newspaper round, shovel the snow, sell home-made cookies and lemonade.

 All though you didn't mention that I can legally work at 14, something I just learned,(and that's important, because I just learned that a vet building near my area will hire me,) your comment is the most well thought out, and because of that, deserves the best answer award. Congratulation.  

 no you can not you have to be a speacial needs family

I know you have already selected your best answer, but I just wanted to throw another suggestions into the mix.  My son, who is 10, mows lawns for our family, friends, and neighbors.  He actually makes pretty good money (for a 10 year old) and is able to save for things he really wants.  When you don't have access to transportation it gets more complicated so finding work close to home becomes necessary.  Weeding, gardening, and any help with other people's landscaping is great for kids to earn some extra cash and helps your friends and family as well.

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your 14, thats legal work age

 only if his family is a special needs and even then e needs parental consent but technically 15 is 

well ya you would need your work slip from your guidance councelor.

Sell on sites such as eBay. By lots or shop garage sales for a good price only and then resell.  Best wishes.

sell things? old video gaes,toys things like that
do chores for your parents
do chores for other people? gardening clearing snow from drives and washing peoples car thats what i do

Search this answer.  It has been asked and answered many times here.

It's always the same.  YOu gotta find a job.  OR a job to do that someone will pay your for.  OR, sell something that you don't want anymore and someone else does.