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How can a LASER cutting machine for accurate cutting of thin plastic sheet be made at home? Answered



6 years ago

CUTCNC blade can be used to cut thin plastic sheet with high precision. to learn more, Can cut materials like PVC, PP, PET, etc. Mainly used to make samples an d do short run productions. pls visit www.cutcnccam.com wo learn more

I've seen a guy cut thin plastic and holes in polyester things (my pencilcase) with a laser from a DVD recorder which he got at an electronics shop free, because someone dropped it and its case cracked.

Your bigger issues are going to be with building a sturdy and accurate system - Look for instructables for CNC equipment.

In actual fact if you look on Ebay you may well find it's cheaper to buy a manufactured system - or if you only have occasional use pay a suitable company to cut your materials.