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How can a build a 24vDC to 24vAC inverter? Answered

How comlicated would it be to build a 24vDC to 24vAC inverter so i can power my  one of those mini pond fogger things from my solar array?  Any  help would be greatly appreciated!

Gratefully, Glenn


What is the normal source of 24VAC?
(This seems a bit "wrong" to me)


I'm not sure what you mean? The pond fogger/mister came with a transformer that plugs into the wall and supplies it with 24 volts of Alternating current.

I was also surprised and couldn't figure out why i was getting wacky reading from my multi meter, then i read the label on the transformer and saw the "AC" and was pissed! I had thought that building a really great little pond with solar pump and solar fogger would be so cool and relativly easy. (and a great gift!)

i had a 24V solar panel and a 24V mister, Great! ..........

OK, so your real question is: "I've got a pond fogger/mister that came with a transformer that plugs into the wall and supplies it with 24 volts of Alternating current. I want to run this off two 12V batteries  - how can I do that?"?
I might suggest that you dismantle the wall-adapter, but these can be very-tough.
Your best bet is to find a DC-powered-driver for the fogger.


I have to agree with L. It DOES seem a bit odd that its AC to the thing.


6 years ago

It's a pulsed device the ultrasonic fogger use a 555 with an
N type MOSFET.


Which is why I reckon its DC supply and the fogger makes its own oscillation.

Wait a minute......Since when did you reckon it's D.C.? i thought you said ..........forget it, not important............In any case; iceng's answer "sounds" authoritative and seems to have convinced the dubious that i can correctly read the label of the transformer.

But is a 24vDC (from my solar charger) to 24vAC feasible? I can sodder, i can use about half the functions on my multimeter and i have a very good power supply. But I am otherwise a complete NOOB and have very little knowledge of different electronic components and there functions and functioning!

( Would love to have some sort of mentor, maybe trade manual labor for informal training? Anybody have any electronic hobbyist friends over here in Bonn, Germany???)

Thanks again guys for the time you've taken to read and respond to my query!


well, i'm not so sure, there is another, similar product which is labeled as 24 watts, but it has about twelve LEDs, so mine should be somewhat less.??

Thank you for taking the time to look into my case!