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"How can a burn a backup copy of my purchased dvd? Answered

I have a Disney DVD that I bought & my child plays it every day. I would like to have a backup of it because I am afraid it won't last much longer. Anyone that has children can probably relate. Since I already bought the DVD once I don't want to have to purchase it again. Any help would be highly appreciated.


I have had some success with "DVDfab DVD to DVD", under windows 2000, here:
I'm not totally sure what the license for this is.  I think it's trial-ware, but mysteriously it still seems to be working more than 30 days after I installed it. 

Before DVDfab under Windows, I was using K3B under Kubuntu.  However there were certain copy protection schemes that K3B couldn't  deal with.  I suspect it was ARccOS that was stumping it, on those occasions when it would fail.   Luckily DVDfab was able to handle the DVDs that K3B couldn't.

Anyway, the only reason I mention K3B, is to illustrate that the copy-protection that's out there is not uniform and monolithic; i.e. sweeping generalizations like all DVD producers use ARccOS, because that's not true. What you'll find is  more like Forrest Gump's proverbial box of chocolates, "You never know what you gonna get."  Some DVDs are not copy-protected at all. 

Final note:  Instructables isn't the best forum for this kind of question. Afterdawn is better:

Yes, DVDFab works very well.  Although I've found it sometimes won't report errors when reading badly scratched disks.  AnyDVD is a bare-bones ripper, but combine it (or DVDFab) with DVD Shrink and you can remove extras or shrink as necessary to fit on a single-layer DVD.

ImgBurn may be the best free burner software in this galaxy.

 Yes - you can burn a backup copy of your DVD with the software found at this link dvd copy software. It works flawlessly and it's easy to use. You can choose to either burn the disc to a hard drive or copy it to a blank DVD. 

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Does it work even if there is copy-protection software on the DVD?  You should tell him about that.

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 I've yet to find a DVD it's not able to copy protected or otherwise.

You can create a file of the DVD on your computer using a software called Handbrake. after that, simply burn the file to a DVD. that way, if the DVD ever goes bad multiple times, you have a copy on file.

Unfortunately, all DVD makers install some sort of copy-protection software inside to prevent piracy.  However, most recent Disney DVD's come with a "Digital copy" that you can play on your iPod or something.  If you use this "Digital copy" and hook up your iPod to the TV, you can play the movie that way.