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How can a make a giant check? Answered

 I want to make a giant check to display in my room. I plan to use foam core board for the check. My problem is adding the graphics, lettering, ect. I dont want to hand draw it but I dont have photoshop. How can I design the face of it? I have paint.net as my photo edititing.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Doctor up a real check.
Scan it at the highest resolution.
Take it somewhere like Kinkos or Staples and have it plotted on a large scale document plotter.
I do stuff like that on my Canon plotter all the time.  I get 24" x 36" prints that look like photographs.

Good luck.

Large format prints cost anywhere from 10-100 dollars for something big.

12x36 at costco photo quality is 10 bucks

Larger is proportionally more / square inch generally.

 Just found this, only problem is when I blow it up the resolution becomes terrible

Most any photo editing software can change the image dimensions to be huge such that it automatically prints over multiple pages.

 well i just finished it and it turned out ok i will post a slide show tonight or tomorrow  

Figure out how big you want it then call around to the people who will do it.  I don't set their prices.

Or: Use a camera to take a slide of the check. Project it at appropriate size onto the formcore. Trace with pencil. When it looks good, go back and darken with ink.

Or: Scan the check. Print it enlarged so it covers the appropriate number of pages. Cut-and-paste those onto the foamcore's face.

Or: Draw a grid on the face of the check. Draw a faint grid onto the face of the foamcore with pencil. Use the grid on the check to guide you in drawing the check freehand on the foamcore.

Or: Search instructables for "pantograph". Build one and use it to trace the check onto the foamcore.

hmm good question