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How can can I make a fake icecube?What do I use? Answered

I want to make a fake icecube(s) as a prop for a short film that I am making. Does anyone know a way that I can make a fake icecube that won't cost to much and is easy to make?




Best Answer 9 years ago

What does it need to be able to do? I'd cast one out of hot glue, embedding a few coins for weight, if it just needs to sit somewhere. It's as simple as squeezing hot glue into a greased ice cube tray. Use the clearest glue sticks you can find. If it doesn't come out perfect, you can still cut the glue with a knife to carve it differently. You might also check your local Winners, a few home decor stores, and your local dollar stores. I've seen glass and plastic "ice cubes" at all these stores.