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How can fingernails and hair grow when your dead? Answered

How is this possible ? Hair and fingernails are organs, right ?


They do not carry on growing but the skin dehydrates and shrinks, revealing more hair, bristle and nail; this gives the appearance of growth.


You are becoming a seriously irritating little boy. Please don't post any more questions.

You are right... 10 yesterday. I have to admit, they are pretty good questions.

Tired of your own kids asking qu-est'ions?


You ask a lot of question! Hair and finger nails a both not alive, only the roots are.

Its not your hair and fingernails that grow but it's your skin that tightens making it look like that. Just look at Cher.

They don't. That's an urban legend. The roots may live on for a few hours but when they use up the nutrients they have stored they die just like the rest of the body.