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How can homemade phonograph disk recorder? Answered

I'd like a phonograph disk recording device to make it so I can favorite music on the phonograph recording disk


NOT something that can be easily made at home. Among other questions, where are you going to get the blanks?

You can use CD's as blanks... or wax like they did in the old days. All it requires really is a funnel (for the sound), a turn table of sorts (can be hand cranked / spring loaded / motorised) and a needle. I've seen some using bamboo as the needle, but I'm sure just about anything could work.

The trick would be in putting all that together into something that actually works.

Thanks for reminding me -- there are, in fact, kits you can buy which use either CDs or plastic cups as the recording mechanism, as a modern version of the wax cylinder approach. Of course quality is marginal and the recordings can only be played back on the same sort of machine, but if all you're looking for is to do it for the sake of doing it, those would be worth checking out.

(I assumed that the goal was to produce something that would play on a normal record player. That's more difficult.)

This is something to buy , look on ebay perhaps?
Phonograph? You might want to explain this business-idea in a bit more detail.