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Where to find plans ideas? Pm me if u got some Answered

ok, by now everyone is talking about how to build a quadricycle? The only problem is no one can find any plans or blueprints on how to build this machine. If u hvae any i mean ANY ideas on how to build a quadricycle just pm me or comment here and i will get back to u as soon as possible. Or u can email me at blgaw1@hotmail.com. DONT BE AFRAID TO EMAIL ME I WILL TAKE ANY AND ALL IDEAS!!!!!


Use this link


I know it is not the most modern one but you may can adjust the plans to your need. Its the only plan that I am aware of that is available for free on the net. If anyone has any other links I would be grateful for them.
Also looking for a human powered boat, in particular the transmittion and what prop to use.

Hope that helps.

i know that website but i really dont want to buy plans lol!

Here ya go: And MUCH cheaper than the other surrey's out there that are $3K and up. This is PVC. The "Side-Kick" is a "heavier duty" one and carries more weight.

Funny, when you search quadracycle+DIY, the first link is this page.