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How can i build a R/C car without using a kit? Answered


I want to pursue engineering at university, so i was hoping to do some kind of engineering related project over the summer.
Making a R/C car seemed like the best idea(other ideas are welcome).
So, what material would i need to make one?



Google R/c Tx Rx (Remote control transmitter and receiver.) Will help with the wireless part.

First step is to define what you mean by "R/C car". What does it need to be able to do? How much control do you actually need (as opposed to want) over it?

Break those goals down into sub-tasks.

Repeat that decomposition until you get down to tasks you know how to perform, or how to look up.

I want to make something like this- http://www.comparecenter.com/images/photo/James/Hobbies/IMG_9526m.jpg

So, i need to know what parts i need(in UK).


Well, you can _see_ most of the parts in that model. Hit a store which caters to the RC hobby and show them that picture, and they'll be able to suggest what to grab off the shelf to build it. It's using one of the simplest possible electronics packages: one motor (presumably reversable) and one servo for steering; that too is an off-the-shelf item.

If you want to break it down further than that and do some real engineering, you'll need to decide which parts you want to design at a lower level and how you're going to approach doing so. Depending on what _KIND_ of engineering you're interested in, there's plenty of room for experimentation in materials, power systems, communications systems, drive systems, ...

Research car chassis design - What is true for real cars is more or less true for a model.

Research materials

Research Body design - less of an issue apart from looks for a model because the speeds are much less.

The electronics are likely to be stock over the counter because it just isn't feasible to build your own at a reasonable price.

An Ex- student of mine designed and built a carbon fibre RC chassis for an RC car - Got an A grade for his work and went on to gain a first class honours degree in motor engineering. His aim is to work in Formula one engineering.

Putting "RC car designs" in Google seems to be a darned good start.

An RC car has pretty well the same systems as a real car, apart, possibly, for air con, tilting seats and a decent hi-fi. Focus on the systems and start work: Even lego technics can give you ideas.

Components for RC cars are available from good model stores.


If you're reached university age I'm surprised you haven't mastered the basics of internet searching yet.  There's a wealth of information out there to help.  The people here are more than willing to help with specific questions, but do ask that you at least generate some of your own ideas and research the problem yourself to the best of your ability.

That said, the basic decisions you need to make are -  On-road or off-road?  Electric,  nitro or petrol powered?   Also consider what tools and equipment you have available and how much time you have to complete the project.

I did use Google before posting here, but only found RC kits.

I don't mind what kind of car it is. My budget isn't huge <$200. Also, i have around 2 months to spend on it. As for equipment, I have some airplanes motor lying around, a remote controller to go with it(if thats what you mean by equipment). But i'm ready to buy a soldering iron or whatever may be necessary.