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How can i connect a solar air compressor to an A.C. so that it can cool my house? Answered

I wanna build a project for my engineering educational syllabus plz guide me anyone how can i use solar air compressor to cool my house by A.C. Climatic conditions of my town :- Hot round 38/22 Celsius. and mostly moderate humid. Please guide me about my project



9 years ago

Hello, Solar Power has made great leaps over the past decade, but not that great. To cool a small room, you will need say 1HP of cooling. Say you have a very efficient cooling system and you end up with needing 1.2HP (electrical power) to run the AC. You would be alarmed on the number of your solar cells needed just to be able to generate 1.2HP of constant power. So to answer your question... Yes it would be, but it wouldn't be feasible to do it. You can use solar power to heat your water easily though the use of a solar water heater.. In turn you can use for heating. But this is an entirely different concept.

You want to use solar energy to cool the house? Why the air compressor, and why AC? Are these two things necessary to the project? L

. You need to determine the energy requirement of the A/C unit and size your solar compressor to that. You will need a pneumatic motor that is large enough to drive the A/C compressor. . You may want to use the air as a "refrigerant" (there won't be a phase change, but the principle is the same) and keep things simple (the only other major component would be a pressure reduction valve for the "evaporator"). This will require a large volume of compressed air to do much good. . Inside the house, you should be able to use conventional air handlers.