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How can i convert My Boom box to rechargeable batteries? Answered

OK so here is the Deal I have one of those little cd player/ tape player boom boxes. THe sticker reads "Power Supply: AC~120v 60hz 14w, DC 12v (1.5Vx8 "c" size, UM-2 Batteries) I want to be able to use a reacharge battery. My main goal is to not waste batteries and also be able to charge the battery pack by pluging it into the stock ac outlet. Please anyone help.. Im hoping eventully to mod the tape palyer for my ipod then taking the components and mounting it into a Waterproof pack for a boom boom back pack!


Do a google search for "NiCad battery charger schematic" and select a circuit you feel comfortable building. Isolate the circuit with a diode at the positive line to both the charger and the player and make sure that the batteries are disconnected from the player when the power source is plugged in with a switch in the power plug or a seperate switch. Note that you'll have to consider the added load and probably replace the power supply to support it.

I use google everyday bet don't usually think to do something like that. Thanks

Okay so I attached a rough digram that I cooked up Now it shows all the wiring what I was thinking is that I shut off the radio then plug in the charger, then If needed If i want i can plug in the old AC plug to run power off of the wall. I will just need to make sure that the switch is off on the player before i plug in the charger. Olny problem is that I have no clue what kind of charger/batteries combo i should get. Any Ideas?

> (1.5Vx8 "c" size, UM-2 Batteries) . Just get eight rechargeable C cells.

I figured that out im talking so i don't have to take out the batteries every time to charge but just plug the pack in! any ideas?

. You'll have to add a charging circuit to your player. See LasVegas' hints.

Great question! I hope someone answers this. I would like to know the answer as well.