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How can i convert a small Motor (Portable 1RPH 240V 50Hz) so i can run it off batteries? Answered


I do not have technical knowledge but found this site and you guys. I need to convert a 1 RPH 240V 50Hz small motor so it will run off batteries.  Want to make a modified casing to fit both into so ideally nothing very big. 

If batteries needs to be changed regular must last at least over the HOUR mark. Ideally would be rechargeable batteries (excuse my lack of knowledge, i don't know if that makes a difference)

Would really appreciate your help and expertise on this one.



If you are running a precision timer off this thing, then you'll need to replace the motor witha low voltage equivalent - they make 6, 12 and 24 V syncronous motors - which is the type you have there.

Synchronous motors spin very accurately at a division of the mains frequency - 3600 RPM for a 60Hz supply, 1800, 900 RPM are also common.

The next trick will be to chop your DC up into a square wave for the motor - that can be done with very simple electronics.

Like Rick said you can change the motor to one that runs on DC or you could buy in inverter that will take the battery power and turn it into AC - 240. That motor doesn't take much power to run so even the smallest/cheapest inverter would probably work. I used an inverter and a car battery to run my Skill saw to build my workshop before I got electricity hooked up.

The only way would be to change the motor for one to suit your battery power.

The slow speed is through the gear box so changing the motor will still provide a slow speed (perhaps not exactly the same speed thought)