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How can i create a movable character for stop motion without using clay? Answered

 I don't want to use clay ......any ideas?



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's called a doll.  (or action figure if you want)

Wrap the wire armature with cloth and glue it down, that's simplest.


8 years ago

Household copper wiring is available at any hardware store, often on reels so you don't have to buy 50 feet if you only need two.  It's great for creating a "skeleton" for almost any character.  You can strip back the insulation and solder it together, or glue it together as-is.

What you cover it with, well - that's up to you.

 i know about the skeleton but i don't know what to cover it with.

Anything!  It depends on the characters.  They could be covered with papier mache, scraps of fabric, foam, bacon, wood, marbles, old toys, bottle caps, assorted nuts and bolts, reclaimed electronics components, used paper cups, paracord, knitted yarn, etc.

There's no rule saying you have to use clay.  Use what you have, use what looks interesting, use what's cheap.  You might come up with something far more original and exciting than anything before!

What type of material do you want to use?


 I want to create a character (im thinking of robotboy style) with an armature in it 
(note: no clay to cover it)

I wonder if you could use magnets. Maybe fridge magnets, or something. It'd make changes pretty quick & easy I'd hope.


 I do stop motion films all of the time use legos, paper and a wall (tape paper to the wall) action figs (gijoe,power rangers ETC.) drawings, yourself or real people and that is what i use when i dont want to use clay