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How can i decorate my desktop? picture below. Answered


Wall paper
Paint a picture
Carve a design into it
dried flowers
Give it a glass/plastic top with a small space under for your collection of (insert whatever you collect) - examples: Coins, Tokens, Film posters, sports programs, insects, car parts, watch parts, electronic components.

going to add plastic after decoupaging,thanks!

How about getting a sheet of glass or plexiglass for the desk top and you can put photos and other stuff underneath? The bonus is that it protects the desktop and glass is easier to clean.

That was creative of you to flip the drawer to get a make-shift mouse area. How about painting the bottom of the drawer, or covering it with some adhesive vinyl drawer liners? They come in some funky patterns now, so you can get creative!

You could make a small shelf for the desktop.
Make the shelf the same height as the window sill.
Also , If you put a piece of hinged wood inside the drawer.
You won't need to turn the drawer over for a mouse surface,
and you can still use the drawer to store stuff.
Or you could just glue a wooden lip around the inside of the drawer
and cut a piece of wood to rest on the lip for a mouse surface.
Drill a finger hole in the wood mouse surface so you can pull it
out and store stuff beneath it.

great ideas but i guess im more comfortable using my mouse on the top of the table,using the drawer for storage only now.