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How can i electrify a perimeter fence? Answered

I want to energize my perimeter fence so that my dogs do not wander off. Without doing them harm off course.



my god please dont try to make your own electric fence .... nothing good can come from this

Hook up a battery and a transformer to it.
BUT you might want to go with a safer alternative for your pets. Fence electrification is for enemies, because it hurts really bad and can kill under the right (wrong) circumstances.
Use an invisible fence (which consists of a shock collar which activates when your pets go beyond a defined perimeter), since it eliminates most of those risks and doesn't require you to work with dangerous voltages.

Get a fence charger that is made for PETS.  It is less shocking and won't hurt them.  Most dogs will avoid it but some dogs will ignore it.

Google "invisible fence" and see if their product might work better for you.

Good luck.