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How can i fix my floppy drive? Answered

I have a toshiba sattelite pro old laptop with windows 98 with a floppy drive attachment. It recently stopped working. Now when I put a floppy 3.5" floppy disc in you can only hear the sound of the disc spinnigand it's not reading at all. Then after a while it'll say. " the disk is not formatted would you like to format it now?" whats wrong with my drive and is it possible to fix?


Try cleaning the head with a disk cleaner. If you can't find a disk cleaner then you can swab the head carefully with a q-tip and alcohol.

It might help to reload the driver.

But in the end you may be lost.  Floppies weren't meant to last forever.  I had a library of about 8,000 floppy disks dating back about 10 years that I started having the same problem that you are having so I took the time to get them all read and installed on hard drives with back ups.

You more than likely can't fix it. The necessary tools and equipment are beyond the normal user.

If you disturbed the mechanical settings then the disks you have will become unreadable.

Time to swap over to memory sticks, I trust you have a backup of the data you have saved on the floppies.

much to my surprise you can still buy floppy drives in the UK about £9 ($20)