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How can i fly for under $200? Answered

Something i can build that will make me fly?




Best Answer 6 years ago

The first humans to spend time in the air in a controlled (non-fatal) manner did so under kites.

There are free plans available online to make Cody kites. If you don't like the style of a Cody, then the term you're looking for is a "manlifter" kite.


6 years ago

You can always try renting a squirrel diving suit and parachute and go jump off a cliff :D it's easy my dad does it all the time.

I dont have any cliffs near where i live. :(

Try $200 worth of balloons

Its easy. Go on an airplane and just sit, take out $200 and put it on your head. FLYING UNDER $200 SIR... Jus Kiddin' Here it is.... here, go to quick silver, the chheeeeeeeeeaaaaaapppppeeeeeeeessssssst.

200$ worth of bus tickets and go to all the places where rich people live.
Go dumpsterdiving in every big dumpster you find to gather materials.
Hope to find a couple of really expensive things you can sell to gather at least 30.000$
Buy a cheap ultralight airplane.
Get lessons.

Fly for 200$ worth of effort...

No, really, dont try this.
if you get lucky enoough to make something that really fly's, than the minute you get lift will feel like the biggest achievement ever.
The minute you land and break every single bone in your body, the feeling of achevement will wither away like snow before the sun.

The best thing you can do is indeed try and get some flying lessons for that 200$, than youl find out if it really is something to persue.
If it is, talk to you instructor, he might just find out the best way to get into flying for a living ;-)

If you how ever find out how to achieve flight for under 200$ in a safe and easy way... POST IT!!!

Cardboard wings and a cliff may work, briefly, depending on the height of the cliff....

It works fantastic! straight up to the last centimeter from the ground... than its mostlikely a couple of broken bones or fun with your great-great-grandparrents in walhalla.

Than again, if you make a wellmade construction thats light enough, it might work to get some lift with carboard wings.
You would only need some other materials that make it strong enough to handel the preasure of windforces and stuff.

Haha sounds like a good idea! You should make an intructable on a duck tape glider. I saw mythbusters replace the skin on a plane so i guess it would be possible to make a glider out of duck tape!

About 15 euros can get you an airline ticket with companies like Ryanair. 200 dollars could be enough for several flights all over europe :)

why not try making a hang glider with a light motor on the back.
You could also try making a large parafoil or flexifoil and strapp a strimmer motor to your back it a propeller on it.
Good luck

What about a huge kite made out of a tarp?

Not as daft as it sounds...


6 years ago

Pray for wings.
Merry Xmas to you and all :-O

Easy, build a hanglider! The author Carl S. Bates built his own at 14, and the documented his work in Popular Mechanics/The Boy Mechanic. You can find his original plans online in PDF form.

When you break your legs after your flight and are bed-ridden make sure you write in and tell us of your experience!

$200 will get you an hour or two of flight instruction at your local airport, or a bit more time if you can talk a pilot friend into taking you for a ride by buying your share of the gas.

$200 might be enough to make a kludgy hang glider that will likely kill you.

$200 is not enough to build a safe powered parachute or ultralight. Figure a thousand dollars minimum if you want something that can give you sustained flight.