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How can i get a single month pro membership? Answered

I see that the first option is a year membership, about 20 dollars, the second one is 3 month membership, about 10 dollars, and the third one is more than a year, but that one doesn't matter. Anyways, I just want to get a 1 Month Pro Membership, As i don't have too much money, Now that i got a little bit in my hands, I thought i might try the 1/2 dollar single month membership, but it is more than that. So is it possible to get a single month membership? (note:My budget is a mere 5 bucks) Thanks... ~ReCreate


I guess not...

If you log-out and click on the ad (upper right) on the main page - what options do you get? I thought 1 month was there... L

They switched it from one month to three months, same monthly cost. Your best bet would be to PM an admin and ask them if you could buy a one month membership.

Yes...1 Month is no longer available...I guess i will just PM an Admin...