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How can i get into my hubbys locked "popular mechanics" stackable toolbox w-out damaging it?What does its key look like? Answered

my husband locked my wedding ring in his toolbox and he hid the key. its my dead mothers ring, i need it back. how can i open it without damaging it (or without him knowing?) it does open a tiny bit i can see inside,but not enuf to get anything out. what does the key look like?anyone have a pic? its a red stackable metal mechanic toolbox with "Popular Mechanics" written on top left corner.the top flip-up is whats locked.hes angry cuz i caught him doing something really bad, but wont do anything about it.i just warned him.Its all i have of my dead mother . please help! any other women would have left this guy for what he did!!!


Wow. That is the most awful thing I have ever heard. I would have left him so fast! If that was me a divorce lawyer in Oakville would have a made day and I higher checking account balance. The nerve.

A Locksmith can get it open, but they usually don't mess with such things. Locksmiths don't like agry husbands.
Rent a truck with a lift gate, load the toolbox onto the truck and put it in storage. When he asks where it went you say, "I don't know! I guess when I get the key and get my ring back, I'll rmember!" Call the Police first and file an incident report about what he did first. Toolbox or not, what he did was stealing. If you lock someone in their bedroom and force them to stay there, that's still kidnapping even if you didn't take them! This man does not deserve you any way you want to stretch it. No one has the right to take what is not theirs to begin with. You did not break a contract or take something of his, he does not have the right to do so to you! If he threatens violence THEN you tell him about the report, Law Enforecement takes a very dismal view of such a man! You'll have to stand up to him, arm yourself to do so!

Orks is right - being there when Hubby opens the toolbox and finds the  ring not there could be hazardous.

In My Humble Opinion:
You should call a locksmith to come open the toolbox. Then you should call a divorce lawyer, whose first item of business should be getting a restraining order against your husband. Then you should grab your mother's ring; all your important personal documents, including your personal address/phone book; and any irreplacable photos, momentos, and children; and Get The H-E-double-hockey-sticks Out Of There.

He is punishing you for something he did wrong. That's abusive.

And abusers do not get better. They do not  "turn around" or "see the light," not permantly. They will sometimes apologize, beg forgiveness and behave like gallant, loving, angels - but they're only setting you up for the next big fall. The abuse will only keep get worse and worse and worse until it - meaning he - kills you, or you Get Out.

Don't stay with him for the sake of the kids. His behavior is bad for them, too. Watching your mother being mistreated by your father breaks a kid's heart in one long, slow, continuing rip. (How do I know this? Let's just say that any realistic description of my father would be out of compliance with Instructables "Be Nice" comment policy.)

Maybe I'm wrong here. I sure hope I am, but I don't think so. I really believe that you need to get out ot there while you still can.

I think you have bigger problems than a locked tool box. I would never do something like this to my wife nor she to me.

The only way this is going to work is if he gives you back the ring.

Note that when the ring goes "missing", he's going to know exactly where it went. Especially since you just posted this question in a public place. Are you really sure you want to escalate the battle -- and give him some justification for anger -- rather than waiting for him to calm down, realize this is unacceptable behavior, and apologize? Second the comment someone else makes: You've got worse problems than a ring. Hie thee to a marriage counselor while there's something worth saving. Assuming there is something worth saving.

Can you post some pics showing the lock, latching system and hinges?

I think Ted the Tool's MIT Guide to Lock Picking was the best document I ever found online, on the subject of picking locks, here:

Of course instructables has a few as well:

Anyway, that's all I've got for you regarding the lock.  

It sounds like you and your husband have other problems too.  Hope everything works out without y'all killing each other.