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How can i get this girl to like me? (its a bit more complicated) Answered

I really suck a relationships, so I know i screwed it up. So theres this girl that i had a feeling she likes me but im not too sure yet, so i didn't do anything and just waited, and after a while we talked less and less, so i got the feeling she didn't like me so i just did nothing...again. Then a while after that i found out she actually did like me, so im basically killing myself now. (well not really but i just hate myself for being a dumb ass) So now, i really really like her and i can't stop thinking about her, literally everything reminds me of her, what should I do? we started talking more now :D


Don't you think you've been given enough advice about this girl?

You posted a question about a dream you had with her HERE, and you just posted another dream-related question (with her), HERE....

I don't mean to be rude, but what else do you want people to tell you?

- Dreams are just dreams. Don't take them so literally.

- If you "really really" like the girl.... why don't you talk to HER, about it?

I find that comment insensitive; you don't understand this person very well so don't write them off as "nuts" - they aren't.


Yes, I guess you are right. I should have said that the kid is delusional! And his constant posting about the same subject shows that he might be a potential stalker. You may feel sorry for this kid but I don't.

Or a teenage boy with raging hormones...

I am glad that I am going through my menopause ;)

What does Windows and the OP have in common?

They're both 7... ;)

Going on 8. (But Windows is much more mature than he is!) :)

No, he sounds like a boy in his early teens or maybe even slightly younger whose parents don't limit what he does on the internet.

+1... stop asking questions about it here. Although most of us have been through life longer than you have, I don't know that anyone on here is a relationship expert. If you want advice about data recovery, I can give that to you (and that advise is to have a backup in the first place... just in case you would ask...), but there is no way to "make" someone like you. Be yourself, if you aren't, then you will only be miserable and will never know if she would like the real you.

My advise at your age would be to wait until you are older before you start to seriously think about relationships. I know you probably will not listen to me, but if you really like this girl and want to have a future together, just be friends for now. If you get into a relationship at this point, when you are going through stages where you will be rude, insolent, and quite a few other things as well, you will probably push her farther away than you could ever imagine. (I know you will not believe me about those stages, but as I look back on my life when I was your age, I wish I could have just skipped over it. Same with every guy I know. It doesn't happen as much with the girls, but I don't think there is a guy in this world that can escape it... I just thank God every day that I wasn't in a relationship at the same time!)

I was just on a roll for answering questions, and I didn't see that it happened to be from the same person :O

Stop "killing yourself" over youthful hesitation. Wanna know the best way to get what you want in life?

1. figure out what you want (seems obvious, but so many people skip this)

2. ask for it

People usually aren't mind readers. Playing a waiting game might be a fun pastime for bored teenagers (what, don't kids these days make anything?), but it gets in the way of communication.

"I like you. Wanna hang out?"

Sure, sometimes you're told no. When that happens, decide whether it's worth it to keep pursuing the thing you want, or if your efforts are better spent in a different direction.

If you want someone to like you, obsessing over whether they do or not WON'T HELP. It's a waste of time and energy. You can't be 100% positive what they really think of you. Furthermore, knowing their opinion of you isn't nearly as important as knowing how your actions and behavior affect their opinion. Feelings change, whether for good or bad.

If you want her to like you, be the kind of person she'd want to be around. I don't mean become someone you're not; lying to yourself is a horrible way to live. I mean polishing up those sides of yourself that she'd admire. For example... if you can cook a little and she loves exotic food, learn to cook some more exotic dishes. Then, if you're talking, happen to mention some fabulous exotic dish you recently made... pique her interest by BEING interesting, not by begging for attention.

It's understandable that teenagers with oceans of hormones can get fixated on certain chemical rushes caused by an individual. Obsessive over a chick isn't very attractive, though. It might be tough to turn off the thoughts, but make sure to keep yourself busy with productive things. Develop skills, pick up a new hobby, learn something interesting.

Heck, get a WoW account, make an alliance toon on Moon Guard, and hang out in Goldshire if you're having that rough a time of it. You might need brain bleach afterward, but you'll sure find plenty of distraction. And while you're seeking distraction, go read a book. Your whole generation could stand to read a lot more.

I seriously doubt this girl is going to be "the one" for you. The next five you fall for won't be, either. Use this time to date whomever you like in order to learn about yourself, what you want in a relationship down the road. Open up, take risks, get hurt, but try not to be the one hurting others (at least not intentionally).

Good luck, kid.

Attachment is the cause of all suffering. Just talk to her like shes a person, and make sure to relax and be in the moment. What you seem to be doing is thinking of what could happen, although this is good for inventing things, its not preferable while talking to the fairer sex. You need to forget what happened and what might happen and focus on whats happening now.
I wish you the best of luck.


6 years ago

I see Chuck Norris in your dream and we know what that means!