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How can i make a bug detector/locator? I have a friend who believes that someone is listening to everthing they say? Answered




7 years ago

Well, considering mini wireless microphones and pinhole cameras can be bought very cheaply on sites like ebay and on chinese online stores, it's always possible that someone has bugged your friend... BUT it is rather unlikely.

Consider that bugging someone involves having someone listening in for hours on end at the receiving end of the bug(s). Even recorded bugs need someone to review the hours of footage... can you imagine the manpower required and how unlikely that is?

If the bug is a wireless transmitter, you need a bug detector, or a radio scanner with the "close call" capability (close call detects and tunes in a transmitter thats a few feet away).

If on the other hand the bug is hardwired, then there is little you can do to find it.

I would not worry about it...

You can also use a am radio tuned to a freq. with a steady buzz,or if you can find one that is silent,then you move around the room where you think a bug may be hidden.The radio will give off a squill when you find one.To find hidden cameras,cut off all the lights in the room and shine a low powered LED flashlight,one of the cheap keychain LED lights will work.The camera lens will give off a glow.


7 years ago

1)  A neurotic person builds castles in the sky.

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The best method is to not search for the BUG. Instead do a search for the person LISTENING to the bug. You can figure out who placed it by having conversations in the room that give FALSE information. Information such as only you and one other (trusted) person you will converse with in the room. For example, you discuss the decision you are going to move to another neighborhood, and your house will be up for sale in a week.... or that you are going to buy a new VOLKSWAGEN car. Or some OTHER false information. Then you wait for some person to say something to you like, "hey... i hear you are going to buy a new volkswagen!" Then you know you are bugged and you know who is most likely the bugger.

Just because your paranoid - doesn't mean everyone's not out to get you!

best option buy a detector from an online spyware shop - But don't put too much faith in it.

You need a frequency analyzer to find radio bugs - then you search for signals that shouldn't be there.

If its a wired bug, then they are near impossible to find because they can be IN elecronics, or say a phone tap which is outside the residence, potentially at the phone company.

... but the odds are strongly in favor of your friend simply being paranoid.

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