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How can i make a glass slide conductive for organic solar cell? Answered

Can copper wire cut into very small pieces mixed with glue work? 



2 years ago

You will need to use use either vapor deposition or sputtering to get a very thing but uniform coating of metal (or some conductive material) onto the glass However, most metals are reflective and how much you deposit will make the glass into more of a half-mirror type thing.

Look at "Applied Science" youtube channel, he has lots of great videos of his experiences and projects in his amazing lab! In the video below, he is using a sputtering process to deposit a clear conductive coating of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) onto a glass microscope slide.

ITO, like steve pointed out, is a material which is commonly used for this reason. It is found in LCDs. He made this video as part of an project to make a homemade LCD!

No offence but can I assume your next question would be get it together and working?
The chemicals you need are next to impossible to obtain unless you have corresponding business.
Organic solar cells are usually made with flexible materials and not glass, although as the back end it should work.

Unless you already have a well equipped chemical lab and decent skills I would start there before moving on to solar cells.
Companies spend millions developing them and are still far from being good at it, so I kindly suggest to go and buy some solar cells.

No, it won't work. You need to coat it with metal. If it has to be transparent, you don't have much choice but to use something called ITO, Indium-Tin-Oxide.

I do wonder if an old LCD might work, one of the two glass plates in there will have a uniform coating of ITO