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How can i make a mechanism base for Cradle to jerk, those should have a timer too to control. how? Answered

i just thought in my mind about this.

  as i seen hanging cradles, thought that how can i make, customize this with an electronic device, if then, can put timer to on/of at night,to jerk self. then, the baby can  get a good feeling as he/she is with her mother. i am sure that, this will give her(mother) happy too.

  pls, guide me to get an hands on this, that how can i make a device to jerk, with battery or with power?? if then, i can add this to the cradle.

pls guide me in this regarding


I think that the word you are looking for in English is, "rock", as in "rock the cradle."  It means to move gently back and forth.  "Jerk" means to pull very hard and suddenly (like trying to knock someone onto the ground), which probably won't make either the baby or their mother happy :-)

One way to do this is with a motor and an "eccentric" (that means off-center) wheel.  Think of how the wheel and bar are connected on an old-fashioned steam locomotive.  You could do that with a small, low-speed motor, and attach the other end of the bar to one corner of the cradle.

You could also use a "linear motor" with a bar to push on the side of the cradle.

Dear kelseymh and seandogue,
a bounch of thanks to you for correcting me, ys, i was to tell ROCK, and i like the details and the drawing. this will help to meterilize my idea. i am sure.

and for the other members,
hats off.
thanking you very much.
all are lovely

still, interested to get more ways.


I wonder if you could effectively hack an oscillating fan for this....