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How can i make a rc care controlled by a keyboard? Answered

Okay so I'm making this rc car/robot, decked out with the works. Right now, in my design plans, I'm planning on it including a webcam (with usb adapter) a Walkie Talkie system, so communicate is possible through this, a flamethrower for self defense, and yeah, a lot of the works. ANYWAYS..... I need to be able to control all of these functions and its mobile stuff from a distance, and a keyboard is the only thing i can think of that would have enough buttons to do this. Any suggestions on how to wire all this stuff to remote controls from my keyboard?


Well, you can interface they keyboard with the Arduino or any other microcontroller board you wish. This should be rather easy, I've seen code for this before. Next, hack up the controller for the remote control car. Have the arduino interface with it though some simple mechanism. For example, to push a button, you can have the Arduino activate a transistor whose collector and emitter are connected to the contacts the button would normally bridge.

hello sir,
please.. send me arduino code and vb source code for it. please.
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If you have a laptop PC with a parallel port (almost non-existent, for current laptop models) you could hack the r/c transmitter to the parallel port. I've done that, to have a PC run a pre-set seqeunce of operations with an R/C car. With better transmitters (proportional, not simple on/off switches) you won't be able to do that, though, but a lot of the higher-end R/C transmitters can hook up with USB or a serial port, to your PC.