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How can i make a robot with motors instead of servos? Were in the bay area can i buy servos? Answered

i just got a arduino a few weeks ago and i want to make a robot that has wheels and can avoid obstacles but if i used motors wouldnt i not be able to reverse or control speed?



Best Answer 8 years ago

How about this place?


Any hobby shop that advertises rc planes and cars will have servos.  You don't need to buy the name brands either.  Hobbico will work just as well for most purposes.

you can use a motor driver IC that is L293D it can control the motor you can buy servos from many places. You can get it at hobby stroes or you can get one from the net.

For simple avoidance, using touch sensors and ordinary motors, try the beetle bot.

All you need are suitable motor drivers. Look up "PWM Motor drivers" for some ideas. There is a shield board with motor drivers on it for the Arduino I think ?