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How can i make a spark to ignite a gas cylinder with a basic stamp. Answered

I assume i would need a large capacitor but am just going for a general question about how it would be in programing? Also i took apart a grill lighter and found the igniter... I'm wondering weather that uses the energy that you push on it to spark or if it has a battery. Thank you!


The majority of grill lighter mechanisms are piezoelectric. These produce a brief high voltage and hence a spark when a force or impact is applied to a crystal. (search or piezoelectric effect if you are needing more info on how that works.)

These are very often used as the ignition mechanisms for combustion type potato cannons to ignite the fuel/air mixture.

If a basic stamp is to initiate a spark to ignite a gas, I think it would be more straightforward to use a circuit similar to a car ignition, where a current is passed through the primary of an igniton coil and then quickly removed, producing a high voltage output on the secondary.

To use the piezo type ignitor with a stamp application, you would need to have the stamp turn on a mechanism that would press and release the ignitionbutton. This would involve a fairly large solenoid or other device, as the piezo type ignitor requires a bit of force to press the button.

this all sounds great but i am wondering how i could get a circuit similar to car ignition. thank you all by the way!

A quick web search turned up one example this is pretty typical for an ignition coil driver:


Basically, the circuit is an ignition coil, along with a power transistor used to interupt the current flowing in the coil. A high voltage output is generated at the coil's output terminals when the transistor is turned on and off. The turning on and off of the transistor is probably something that could be done by the stamp. It all depends on the type of transistor used, and whether the stamp output is sufficient to drive it.

An ignition coil circuit also contains one or more components which prevent damage to the driver circuit itself. The most common is a capacitor, (sometimes referred to as a condenser in automotive terminology". The article linked to describes those as well.

Overall, such a circuit should be very inexpensive to construct, especially if you can use a salvaged igniton coil.


7 years ago

The Stamp can combine two or three ports together to a grounded single carbon resistor. Tape a stick match head to the resistor body. Then in software set the ports high to heat the resistor hot enough to ignite the stick match.
If you like I can test this easy concept for you.

. I'd try using the BASIC Stamp to drive an auto ignition coil or similar. You'll need to protect the Stamp from the kick-back of the coil (eg, an interposing relay or clamping diodes).
. It sounds like you have a piezoelectric ignitor. These convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and won't work with the Stamp as an ignitor.