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How can i make a used xbox 360 Elite look new? Answered

I have an xbox 360 elite that i want to sell so i can get a PS3 and gamestop is only going to give 90 bucks for it when i payed 500 dollars for the freakin thing...so im trying to make it look new so i can sell it on ebay.



Cleaning it up to sell on eBay may be pointless. The word is out on modded/banned units flooding eBay. Not saying yours got the ban-hammer, but folks are going to be wary. You might want to use eBay's advanced search, and select "completed auctions" to see what they've been selling for. Gamestop's $90 offer might be the best you can get. If you do decide to sell, prepare for loads of questions about whether it's been banned, and money-back guarantees should it not work with Xbox Live.

well how can it honestly look bad, I mean how can it look bad if the only time you really touch the thing is to turn it on or to change cd?

If it lives in a smoking household it will discolour quickly.


8 years ago

Clean it with a 50-50 mixture of filtered water and rubbing alcohol and three or four drops of dish washing detergent. Moisten a soft cloth wih the mixture and clean away. You can use automotive carnauba wax to give it a shine if you want.