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How can i make a voltage or charge amplifier for a piezoelectric sensor ? what do i need to know ? Answered



5 years ago

You need to understand a piezo has more output range then any op-amp.

To use a piezo always add a peak limit and the natural negative protection.

If you can not determine your high piezo output before-hand there
is the technical gain amplifier selection on the fly with its attendant
resolution losses.

A charge coulomb integrating amplifier collector can be useful.

Strain gauges are proper more reliable approach to instrumentation.


To work out the performance, you need to specify the load you are going to apply, in terms of microstrain.

It could be 200V.

Take a look for "charge amplifier circuits"

I want to know , how much voltage does the piezoelectric sensor generate so i can determine how to design the amplifier