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How can i make my turtle tanks filter quiet?? Answered

Here is the deal, I've got what basically amounts to an indoor fish pond about 2 and a half feet away from my bed. It's got a filter made from a rubbermaid tub that sits on a shelf next to it, water is pumped up from the tank, into the filter, then out the top where it pours down a pair of PVC tubes back into the water, about 3 feet below it. My problem is that when the water splashing in the bottom of the pipes sounds just like someone is peeing, beside my head, all night, every night. it;s a bit of a nuisance. My first thought would be to shorted the distance between the filter and the water level, but i cant fill the tub to the capacity it was meant for(300 gal) without it falling through the floor, and i don't want to have to explain why i dropped 300 gallons of water and turtles on my neighbors bedroom to them or the management. My second thought was to build a stand in the tank for the filter and lower the filter, but there isn't enough room in the tank for that. So, throughts, ideas, anyone?


Ohh I have the smae problem but smaller the filter is still loud but its a aquaclear one and it is a tray that water slides out from can anyone help me with that *the filter is designed for a fish tank*

i have the same problem with mine so i took some spare plastic and created a slide like thingwich took the water to water level

It's kinda hard to help with this because I need to see your set up. In mines I have the pvc pipe from the filter going into the water so this way it does not make any noise. But the again I have divided the tank with a wall of rocks to make a waterfall. If you can post a few pictures maybe I get a better idea of how to help you.

Maybe you want to try this. put the water outlet pipe into the water so it wont splash and make any noise. maybe facing to the side ==> or down \/ ,adding a few rocks in front of it can help to defuse the water if it has allot of pressure coming out. Here's a drawing =) Hope that works for you..

turtle tank.jpg

That's how i have it set up right now, minus the 90 degree bend at the bottom. I think I'll try and put a 45 degree elbow up above the water then run the pipe into the water at 4 degrees for the last 6 inches or so, that should hopefully cut down on the noise. Thanks for the help