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How can i make "something" to fly ? like rc helicopter... Answered

Hello , im new here , congrats for the great community.

I want to build "something" i dont know what it will be yet , but i want to make it fly. How can i achieve it ? It would be very light ~< 1/4 kilo maybe less , i thought it would be a great idea to use something like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-RC-Timer-BC2836-7-1120KV-Outrunner-Brushless-Motor-/120484242767?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1c0d6ba54f but i dont know if it will help..

i want to "fly" it to all directions and control it left right backward and forward , up and down.... any ideas ? thanks !


thanks for all answers

as i said , my main misunderstand was "how it can go backwards and forwards" not how to make tricks at the air...

i THINK i will need...

1) 4x motors (can i do it with 2 ? , it depends on the constrcuction ?)
2) 4x esc
3) a battery
4) a board to insure the "stability" in air

if i have these 4 things can i "steer" and go right left back and forward ? or it needs motors to turn and change positions ?

i dont want to learn how to fly , my "flying object" will land and will stay at 3-7 meters. i dont want to fly it and make tricks. i want it to do a little and very simple moves not tricks..

your solution is too expensive... over 150$ i dont want to give so much.. thanks anyway

My main misunderstand that i didnt ask is "how i can manage to steer it" and how to avoid going only up and down..... i searched a little and i found out that i need some circuits wich are responsible for stability.... and steering.. i can buy motors esc's battery and board to control the stability and it will work with the steering part , i could then control it... i want to DIY not buy a KIT

Aero modelling especially radio control isn't a cheap hobby. Even with a certain amount of DIY - Choppers are even MORE expensive.

Pay attention to what I said earlier, I know i have done this and taught others to do the same.

1. Start with something simple. a 3 channel high fixed wing foam model

2. Learn to fly it well

3. look around at the other models you can get and NQW you can make an informed decision

4. If you jump in at the deep end it will cost a lot, you WILL break a lot and get discouraged.

Buy a quad copter and play with that for a while. You will learn allot from it so you can make your own or you can build off it.