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How can i modify my older ihome to charge my new itouch and still use the alarm function. It still plays music. Answered

Although my ihome will play music from my itouch 3G, it will not charge it and i can no longer use it as an alarm clock if the itouch is docked.  I was hoping for a simple adapter that will help the old ihome recognize the new itouch's handshake.  My daughter is not likely to accept a solution with wires hanging out (as she is a little shy and anything that makes her stand out "oddly" is unacceptable).  Any suggestions? 


Who knew sattire in the morning could be so darn cute (and unhelpful), but if you can't laugh at yourself, somebody else always can

Wow! I knew that Apple as making music players and phones but I think it's miraculous that they are now making homes.  How in the world did they ever branch out that far.  Do you pick it up at an Apple store or do they deliver it?  Is it totally computer controlled? 

What happens when you have to upgrade it?  I'll bet it's a b**** to download unless you've got dsl!