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How can i network my 2 computers to share internet connection, when my internet comes from a Yagi USB antenna Answered

Computer 1 has windows vista, and gets internet through YAGI Computer 2 has XP Both computers have unused ethernet cards Have router- Linksys WRT54G Computer 2 has PCI wireless card, but picks up only 1 signal, not useable signal ? is this even possible? im network Stupid by the way. Need it spelled out for me?


What I do with my XBOX is Bridge the connection Computer 1 Will Be the HOST Computer 2 Will Be the Client Connect a Ethernet Cross over Cable (CAT 5 Atleast) from the Ethernet port on Computer 2 to a Spare one on Computer 1 Thats is the Easiest part, Next in Vista look at the System Tray (Bottom left area by the clock) and look for your Network Icon, Right Click this, Select "Network and Sharing Center", Then look for "Manage Network Connections", You should see all your network connections, One will be the Wireless and the other will be the Ethernet showing as a limited connection. What you want to do is select BOTH the connections you need then press Right Click, and Select Bridge Connections. It will normally take about 3 minutes for the bridge to be stable. This way both pcs can run whist you pc acts like a router.

You might also want to try Bridging the connection before you even connect Computer 2

i tried to set up the ICS (internet connection sharing) but to no luck. Couldnt figure out how to get it to work properly, even after numerous online tutorials... Also as 4 connecting antenna to router, then 2 both computers- wont work, antenna is through USB, requires special software. Router doesnt even have USB port.

way 1 (fast but requires vista pc on all the time)

connect them with ethernet crossover cable (in some newer computers standard cable might work too) (or you can use 2 standard cables and stick the router between them - dumb but should work)

set internet connection sharing on vista. internet source = antenna. internet shared with = local area connection

set xp to get automatic ip on local area connection

way 2 (better)

can the antenna be connected to the router or can the router pick the wanted signal ?

set it up as needed

connect both the computers to the router

set both to get automatic ip from local area connection

I'm afraid I can't spell it out for you, but connect your computers to the router and hunt around in the network settings on the connected computer for a setting to let your share your connection- it's there somewhere, but I don't use Vista.