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How can i possibly use a wall wart transformer in order to make an electric shocker? Answered

The transformer its self has 4 cables. Two of them were the high voltage input and the other two were the output(i am not sure because i took it appart a couple of time ago).  I also have a 5 cable transformer that was used by a battery charger.Two cables for input here as well and three for output(i also don't rememeber well for this one too).

P.S please go easy on me because i am novice on electronics.

Thank you very much.


Wall warts use a transformer to convert the 120VAC from the wall outlet to, for example, 12 volts, and run that through diodes to convert to DC voltage, and they usually use a large electrolytic capacitor to stabilize that DC output.

So, anyway, the side of the transformer with the least turns is the lower voltage side. If you feed the higher voltage into that (and you may need to use a high-wattage ceramic resistor inline with it to keep from tripping circuit breakers or overheating the coil) then the voltage on the other coil will be higher by the same ratio. What that means is that the transformer that converts 120V to 12V one way, can convert 120V to 1200V, if wired inversely.

At that voltage, it could easily, immediately, pass enough current through a person to stop their heart, and kill them. So, safety concerns would probably indicate that this project should be enclosed in a solid glass or plexiglass cube, before it's ever plugged in, unless you're trying to kill people.

The diodes and the capacitor should be removed from the wall wart before any testing, or the cap will actually explode, and the diodes will probably burn out too.

Thank you very much for your swift and informative answers.
I suppose the wall wart transformers are not suitable then.
Well, i also have 2 other mini transformers from disposable kodak cameras. The one has 4 pins and the other 5. I read an istructable by plasmana ( www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-the-worlds-smallest-shocker-wLED/ ) in which he uses such transformers in order to make an electronic shocker. The thing is i lack in materials(i don't have the proper resistors). Is there a way i can use them for the same purpose(make and electric shocker)?

P.S I happen to have some high value resistors from an r/c control. I also managed to get my hands on a 200 ohm one and some capacitors.

You're not going to make "high voltage" from a wall-wart.  As built, it converts 120VAC down to 12VDC (or so).  If you want to use it in reverse, you are going to need to provide low-voltage AC voltage input (e.g., from an inverter).  But even if you do that, you will only get 120VAC output.  At normal current (~ tens of milliamps), that's not enough to shock someone, but it is enough to kill them.

You could use the power supply, but you'd have to build or find the high-voltage bit.
If you're a novice with electronics I wouldn't advise high-voltage as an early project.
See here for some other shockers: