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How can i put an engine starter on my bike help!! Answered

i have an engine starter from a car i bought off of ebay it was 15 dollars the owner claimed its 150cc. i rly dont care how much it is, i just want to put it on my bike, but i have no idea how i can change the belt drive from the motor to chain drive for my bike any suggestions?


Starter motors are designed for starting engines, not continuous use.
It's the wrong motor for the job and is liable to overheat.



7 years ago

Why a chain? That motor has lots of torque. How about a skateboard wheel on the motor directly to the tire? Battery life my not be too swell.

Cubic centimeters have nothing to do with electric motors, so "150 cc" wouldn't have applied to this component. Maybe to the engine it was intended to start...

Start by looking at the existing motorized bicycle instrutables (see under Related at right, and/or use the search box at upper right). Those will show you many approaches to powering a bicycle. Then it's a matter of adapting one of those to your motor and vice versa... and, of course, hauling around enough batteries to power this thing.