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How can i repair my mbr through ubuntu? Answered

A while back i installed Ubuntu so i could familiarize myself with it for a class i was taking. The boot loader only loads twice then the system needs repaired. The boot gets stuck at "verifying DMI pool data" and I have to put in the ubuntu disk and choose rescue a broken system and reload the GRUB boot loader.

Whenever i shut down Windows to boot into Ubuntu Windows updated and now i cannot boot to it without getting stuck in a loop because it must reboot to work.

Is there a way i can get the windows boot loader back or do i need to keep rescuing it?


Use your MS disc, let it load till you get the recovery console fix with command prompt type "fixmbr"

can i do this through windows itself or does it need to be through the recovery console?

Only through the recovery console ,you pc will only have minimal funcntions so nothimg will interfear with fixmbr


6 years ago

Hard drives are now cheap enough that you could, should, use a separate drive for each OS. In the bios screen, you pick which one to boot from and that way they will never mess each other up.

A better solution for testing out Ubuntu without a full install would be to use Wubi. The distro will install as a regular X86 application on your PC and when your done remove it as you would any other windows program

i do have them on different hard drives.