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How can i start a garden in a small place? Answered

I live in an apartment but I would like to grow my own tomatoes. We have a small patio area. Is it possible? Where do I start?


I have a little herb garden in my window sill that uses a bunch of self-watering planters, and I have some roma tomatoes growing in that. Last year, though, the heirloom tomato vine I grew didn't produce many tomatoes before fall.


This system mostly focuses on having 4'x4' garden beds but works just fine for smaller areas too and can be self contained for use on patios too. Radishes Dwarf carrots grow well in containers. Use 5 gallon buckets if you want large tomato plants as they have deep root systems. I've seen peas grown in containers where there was a trellis attached.

Start a worm compost bin so that you can get high quality compost quickly. If maintained you can have compost without the problem of flies and mice which are problems with composting in regular piles and would likely piss of your building manager. https://www.instructables.com/id/Wormery_Worm_Composter/

As long as your patio gets at least 8-10 hours of sun every day, sure it's possible. Cherry tomatoes can be grown fairly easily in most containers; full-size beefsteak-type tomatoes are more challenging because they need fairly deep (12-16" min.) soil. Start by typing "tomato" and/or "garden" into the search box at upper right.