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How can i stay logged in for more than a day Answered

I don't have this problem with any other site, how can i stay logged into this site, it is SOO infuriating. I keep an RSS feed and and when ever i click a link to an instructable, and i want to view the other picture in a step it makes me log in, sometimes more than once a day... if i dont get this fixed i will be removing my RSS feeds, as having to log in every single time is becoming a nuisance



What transpired here is why I generally don't read comments anywhere. Regardless of attitudes and sensibilities, the OP's questtion was never really answered, and I feel obliged to make an attempt at doing so.

It seems that there is no longer a "Keep me logged in" box here, or at least I couldn't find one anywhere. Since I don't really want my browser to remember passwords, and since that seems to be the only way to remain logged in here for more than a day, I'll just have to get used to logging in each time I visit.

If you look at the main log-in page, there is a "keep me logged in" tickbox.

log in screenshot.jpg

Nice. How do I get to that page from the home page? Clicking the "login" link at the upper right simply makes the "username" and "password" fields appear at the top of whatever page I'm on, with no tickbox.


Okay, I figured it out, though it's not exactly what I would consider an intuitive process:

If I leave the "username" and "password" fields empty, and hit the pretty "Login" button, then I get the login page.

(It would seem more useful to me to either have the first click on the "login" link take me directly to the login page, or for the tickbox to appear along with the "username" and "password" fields at the top right of the current page.)

In any case, the tickbox was and is checked, and yet I still have to log in again each time, but apparently only at the home page: when I clicked the link in the notification e-mail about your reply, Kiteman, I was taken right to this page and was already logged in.

When I clicked on the instructables logo to get to the home page, I was logged out when I got there.

Thank you Kiteman and Lithium Rain for your efforts. Now that I know what I needed to do to reach it, I just bookmarked the login page.

This is the only site I visit that gives me this problem, which is really only a minor inconvenience. I simply couldn't leave it uninvestigated. :-)


I think they're trying to be all Web 2.0-y with the inline login. :-\ You can _try_ filing a bug report about having to relogin at the home page only, but don't hold your breath on a bugfix or response. For real.


If you want any more information, you'll need to talk to somebody with the appropriate "skillz", maybe Lithium Rain, or somebody from HQ.

If you're not logged in, go to www.instructables.com/account/login

Don't bother if you are already logged in, because then it redirects to the "submit" page.

If you can't be bothered remembering the address, just click the login button without putting in your password, and it will redirect to that page.

I'm seeing the same problem with the same setup... It's really annoying.

I'm finding a similar problem on my end. It seems to happen when I close my browser and open it back up. I don't have my browser set to delete anything on close and I seem to be logged out when I start things back up. This seems to be a recent development.

There are also a few other complaints.


Have you allowed cookies?

Yes, i am an IT professional, so lets just assume i have done all the usual stuff.

I would really like to just go ahead and take this seriously from this point forward splazem, if your not here to help, then please refrain from trolling.

You have a username like a Klingon's sneeze, and want other people to act seriously??

Ah i see, i was unaware of the fact that my username is directly proportionate to the level of help i should be entitled to. How dare i forgot such a thing... Kiteman.

How about this, why don't we drop the Elitist attitude over a username which has nothing to do with who i am, what i do, or anything else you feel you could possibly discern about me and either post on here to help, or stay away.

Your post was completely nonconstructive, confrontational, unnecessary, and a bit childish.... Kite man

No, but your attitude towards other members will be a definite limiting factor on the amount of help you are likely to get.

If you actually go back and read all of my comments i have said nothing rude or out of line, i explained my problem, you asked a question ,to which i replied that i had done "all the usual" stuff, i'm sorry if you felt that was confrontational but it was not meant to be. then i received what appeared to me to be a trolling comment (of which i have since learned it was a harmless quote from a tv show) and i simply asked if we could, moving forward, take this thread seriously. At which point YOU felt it was necessary to make a rude comment about a username... after that i defended myself which i dont think is unreasonable.

HOWEVER this thread has really gone on Way to long with very little help, i genuinly appreciate those of you who offered some assistance. but im not longer interested in trying to fix this, i have since removed Instructables from my RSS feed. and the only contact i have with it is the occasional email letting me know i have a comment on this thread.

And if you read what I said, I didn't say rude, I said attitude:
  • You accused Splazem of being a troll.
  • You have not responded to Kelseymh who asked a question in an attempt to help you.
  • You have not responded to Stumpchunkman, who's actual job is to help people like you.
Nobody can go any further unless you make those responses, and nobody is going to want to go any further if you are going to treat humorous comments as personal attacks.

As an IT professional, you should be aware how badly tone is carried text typed across continents and cultures.

"...to help people like you."
Not all IT people are jerks and humorless Kiteman, so let's not be rude. :)

I in no way presume that his profession and his personality are linked.

My assessment of his personality is based on what I read here.

However, giving up so easily (and failing to include his OS & browser in his opening post) does cast his claim to be "an IT professional" in some doubt.

Your on-and-off quip probably bit deep, since .NET is Microsoft software.

I know some ITs, and there nice people. Also, I too don't really believe he's an IT based off his comments and bad grammar skills.

I had the same thought. At the very least, s/he's a really...ummm...forgetful IT professional if they don't include basic information in bug reports.

It's not trolling; it's a lighthearted, relevant, quote (from IT Crowd, if you haven't happened to see it).

As an IT professional, you are surely aware of the enormous difficulties which so often arise when assuming a user has done any given thing. It is much better for the user to state what she has done to troubleshoot/attempt to fix the issue, and if they don't, you as the person attempting to help need to know what has and has not been done. We also don't have predefined, agreed-upon definition for "all the usual stuff." What we think of as the usual stuff for dealing with Instructables bugs may not be exactly the same as what you think of as the usual stuff, and vice-versa - as evidenced by kelseymh's comment. Anyone can forget to do something. If you don't tell us, for example, that you've allowed cookies, we have no way of knowing whether you have.

And it's "you're."

Thank you for clarifying that for me.

oh and on the topic of Grammatical syntax.

it's a lighthearted and relevant quote (from IT Crowd, if you haven't happened to have seen it). Fixed that for you.

Physician, heal thyself.

"Oh, and on the topic of grammatical syntax: It's a lighthearted and relevant quote (from IT Crowd, if you haven't happened to have seen it)."

Fixed that for you.

(Not to mention that your "correction" is not repairing anything...)

Said the guy who doesn't capitalize the first letter in most of his sentences.

Just a quote from IT Crowd, which I thought you would enjoy seeing as you are an IT Professional.

How long have you been seeing this? They rolled out an update recently; my experience through several of those is that the back end starts expecting slightly different cookie content, or format, or names, or whatevers.

There can be two highly annoying consequences to this. First, the cookies you have already become dysfunctional. Not only do they not send back to I'bles the data expected, but because they already exist, I'bles doesn't create new ones with the correct data! So you log in again, and again, and again.

The second annoyance is that pages you already have cached may no longer be consistent with the back end. Links may be wrong, JavaScript may be wrong, and so on. So when you try to do something it gives you either nothing, or nonsense, or an HTTP 500 error. Or it kicks you back to the home page, or login, blah blah blah.

I've run into situations where I've had to clear cache and cookies multiple times after a back end update before my interactions got back to normal.

i've been having to log in once a day (forums and general pages) for about 2 weeksish. so i just cleared my cache/history/whathavyous and came back. the site still recognizes me, which it shouldn't since all the cookies are belong to trash.

opening an item from the RSS feeds opens a new session. new session = new cookie = new credentials need to be given... one of the disadvantages of RSS in my opinion.

//// OT ////
but a question for the author: you are a IT professional? what is it exact you do? not to be disrespectfull but "IT professional" is quite a large range of specialties you can have... i mean, i know web developers who doesn't have understanding of exchange servers, or .NET developers who don't even know what msconfig is for...
//// OT ////

Maybe you misunderstand how cookies work, but if there is a viable cookie on your machine a new one shouldnt need to be made. and an RSS feed, viewed on iGoogle is no different than clicking on any other link.

I am a .NET Developer

kyriaap isn't quite correct here, but they aren't quite wrong, either.

It's not an inherent behavior of RSS itself, but depending on system configuration (of which the user may not even be aware), cookies are not always shared between applications - RSS readers and browsers, for instance. What works on iGoogle doesn't automatically translate to all feed readers.