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How can i support a large plastic barrel so i can flush my outboard engine in it ? Answered

I want to use a large heavy duty plastic pickle barrel to flush my outboard engine in . My concern is how to support the barrel so it will support the engine ?


Get a garden hose and a flush cuff. They only cost a couple of bucks at Wal Mart. Hook the hose up to the flush cuff turn the water on start the engine a Presto fresh water power flush!

If your boat is on a trailer, put the motor on the boat and position the barrel under the motor. That's how we used to do it. A short hose works to siphon the water out when you're finished

You probably want to built some type of roll cage around the barrel and possibly mount it on top of a pallet/dolly with lockable wheels to move it around. Hang the motor off the mount built on to the stand and have the barrel freestanding. You can make it out of pipe and fittings, 2x4 pressure treated wood with stainless steel deck reinforcements/straps and screws, or find someone to weld a custom engine bracket and barrel handcart from angle iron or pipe. The barrel should have some sort of spigot or hose connector and valve at the bottom to drain out the thing easily. Good luck.

Caitlin's Dad : thanks for sharing your ideas on how to support the barrel so I can flush my OB engine . I plan to construct a frame independent of the barrel with 2x4 treated lumber & non corrosive decking screws . One 2x6, or 2x8 attached to the frame over the barrel & notched into the barrel will provide a support to secure the OB engine. I will attach a drain valve with a hose connection to drain it properly when it's not being used . Thanks for the ideas ! WHR

. C'dad is pretty smart for a city boy, ain't he? ;)