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How can i take apart my old sidekick cell phone & make a spy cam for my front door,and hook it up 2 a full screen? Answered




If your really looking into the whole idea, forget taking the phone apart here's your plan.

1.) if you really want to get rid of the phone, sell it.
2.) use the money to buy a wireless webcam.
3.) install the proper drivers for the webcam onto your computer, and mount the webcam above your front door.
4.) order a pizza and when the guy gets there, scare the living daylights out of him by acting like a crazed murderer. (ah the joys of a good gag...)

With great difficulty & expense.
I go with the other two.


Almost certainly not possible. Odds are that the "camera" in the phone is just a CCD sensor behind a lens, and that the phone's main processor is doing all the work to capture the image... just as that same processor is doing all the work to update its displays. There's no place in that sequence where you can patch in to extract video. You'd need to build the whole camera up from scratch, *IF* you could extract the CCD chip (probably surface mount, which makes it an "if you have to ask, you can't" item).

If you can find a camera that already has video output, you may be able to make that work. But I agree with Re-design that for the work and money you'd put into it, buying one is probably a better solution.

I have absolutely no idea how you would go about doing that.  Spend about $100 and get a wireless vid camera.