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How can i transfer only schematics (layout) on PCB? Answered

Hi everyone and sorry for my english. I have a inkjet and a deskjet printer. I dont want to spent anymore on printers... I want to transfer only schematics (layout) on pcb, because i have a pcb marker to make the trail, or how it`s call. the UV method i dont know if i can do it, because in every tutorial they say about toner printer and special plastic sheet (i think). if anyone have an idea about how to. please help !!


If you want to use a printer in needs to be a laser printer. Otherwise you have to get the PCB that use the UV method and print the layout on a transparent sheet.

no special plastic sheet or bla bla? only a transparent sheet of plastic. with my inkjet printer? thanks a lot !!

Yes any transparency sheet will work. Then you use the specially treated PCB board that require a UV light. In near total darkness, a red light is a good option, overlay your print onto the board and tape it down. Then expose the board to the UV light for the recommended time period. Run the board through the developer chemical and it will have the PCB layout transferred to the board. Then you can run it through the etching solution. You can find all sorts or tutorials for etching using the UV reactive PCBs.