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How can i turn usb webcam into wireless webcam??? Answered

Hi there
i want to turn my webcam into wireless webcam so i use it in my new robot so can any one heip me??



so after all does anyone think that if I used wireless mouse and I connect it with the camera does it works as wireless camera or not ???

The tricky bit is the wireless bit.
You'd be best just buying a wireless camera.


if you want to it by ur self 1 go and buy a wireless mouse its is very cheap but easy u hav to buy then open it their are four wire with battery witth the battery connet the four wires to female usb and and use your usb cam as wireless webcam

Not feasable.

Your easiest (although not cheapest) option is to get a netbook or some other low power computer to view the video and share it over a wireless network. There are routers that allow usb sharing, and could virtualize their usb port to allow remote wireless connection to the usb camera.

Otherwise, you'll want to get a wireless dedicated camera. Converting usb to wireless is just not feasable.

+1 (and I like the graphic, though the unreconstructed purist in me is still muttering about "do the additional bytes really have enough value" -- foolish on the modern Web for a small/compressed image, but it's a reflex.)

. Yeah. I used to BBS using 110 and 300 baud modems and wouldn't have even thought about posting a 1500 byte graphic in a forum comment back then. I <3 my 10Mbps connection. :)