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How can i use silver from x ray films to eletroplate a soldering iron tip? Answered

That's it: i have a ton of old/useless x-ray films and a bare copper iron tip.

I usually clean the x ray films with sodium chloride (at 2%, from bleach) to use the pvc sheets to make stencils. Once i left the resulting solution to air dry. It took something like a week for the 25cc of liquid to evaporate and left some crusty, green matter - which, i'm pretty sure,had silver in it.

The questions are: what is that solution? Can it be used in eletroplating as-is or need to be refined? If yes, how?

Put your brains to work, my friends! A silver-coated soldering iron tip is something of our common interest, i believe.


Regarding soldering iron tips, the answer for me has been to make my own tips via a method described in this instructable:

Regarding silver metal from silver-salts, I think this can be done via electroplating.  I think NurdRage did some video-instructables involving silver and silver salts.  A quick search reveals this instructable:
Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but they (NurdRage claims to be a collective) might have the answer for your specific crusty-green-matter, if you ask them.

I offer these as two separate answers, as I'm not yet convinced of the value of a silver-plated soldering iron tip.  The two ideas make sense to me as separate projects though.

I've seen both before and, yes, they make sense as separate projects. When I think of the applications of silver, i always go to something thermal-related.

Still, even if i was to make a cpu cooler out of some huge chunk of pure silver ($$$), it would be more effective to just put some water cooler over the processor =/

Um...why is a silver plated soldering tip of any benefit? I'd much prefer to avoid contaminating my soldering iron tips. Silver oxidizes much to easily for my tastes.

I dunno, but maybe the high thermal conduction could be of any value... i had no idea silver oxidized that easily. I feel stupid =(

What about a $500 worth soldering iron with silver-plated golden-core tip?  =^U

"That easily" is a relative term. What about buying a soldering iron tip? You don't need to have diamond windows, any more than you need a silver-coated, golden cored soldering iron tip on a 500 dollar soldering station...

As I recall, tips are plated with nickel and then iron, which is far from an elitist composition.


I think this discussion is already becoming superfluous. Thanks anyways!

End of topic.

Just give me some ideas of what i could do to improve my soldering iron tips!