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How can replicate the functionality of this bike rack cradle? Answered

I have a bike rack with rubber cradles that have dried out. I'm annoyed because the cradles are no longer available and every rack manufacturer seems to make cradles to fit a different bar diameter. In my case it's 1.125". Current racks on the market are either 1" or 1.25". Any ideas on how to replicate the functionality of this cradle? I need to make 8 of them. It needs to be soft enough not to scratch the paint finish on a bicycle. 




4 years ago

I would just line the inside of the 1.25 diameter cradle with with a soft, pliable material to reduce the inside dimension; sheet rubber, plastic or even leather would do.

Use a block of hard wood, or a soft plastic like delrin, or machine from aluminium, or find a block of rubber - a lorry or even car suspension bump stop may provide a suitably large lump of rubber try a scrap yard.

The shape you can adjust to suit as you only show part of the structure but a simple rectangle will most likely work. Use the existing strap or webbing is available in hardware stores.

bike stand.jpg

I can see a chunk of 2X4 being used to replace that. Take the height of that part and cut a piece of 2X4 about half an inch longer than that. Take the measurement of the center point of the hole to the top of the part. Add that extra half inch and drill a 1 inch hole through the slim side of the 2X4. Now you'll want to make a cut from the bottom of the 2X4 up to the hole. This will give you enough relief in the hole to make the 2X4 a nice tight fit on the bar. You can drill a couple of small holes through the wide end and screw the piece down so it stays tight to the bar. You can remove the strap from the original and run it though the slit before you screw it down. On the top you can do a nice u shaped cut out to better support the bike frame.

You will want to seal the wood or use pressure treated wood so it will last longer. TO help avoid scratches you can line the U cutout with surgu or some sticky backed weather stripping. In the end it may not look the best but it will serve the purpos needed.

I see several different approaches here.

- One would be buying cradles for 1.25'' racks and add a piece of rubber in between to make up for the width difference.

- You could also drill one or two holes through the 1.25'' cradle into the rack from the side where your bike isn't touching, then thread those holes and secure the slightly-too-large-diameter cradle with screws. Additional bolstering with pieces of rubber is recommended.

- Take one instact, fitting cradle, make a mold and cast your own copies from rubber or any material you'd like.

- Cover your rack with insulating foam or PlastiDip Dispersion or anything else that would protect the bikes from getting scratches, then use stuff like the "Rhode Gear Replacement Cradle Strap" to secure your bike to the rack.

- Get something like double-sided clamps - one side to clamp to your bike, the other to the rack. Sadly, I do not know a proper search term / name for these. To get the idea of what I'm talking about check these: http://images.thomann.de/pics/prod/221550.jpg or http://www.ebay.com/itm/360-Swivel-Cycling-Bicycl...

Eventually line those with a piece of rubber to prevent scratches. I know there's some clamps like these for photography and video equipment which can hold at least 10 or 20kg securely. Also, make sure they're made from metal or at least highly durable plastic.

I might think of some more possibilities, but for now those should do.

So, the rubber bit clamps around the rack, and the strap holds on the bike?