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How can u tell if your addicted to caffine? Answered

I think i may be addicted to caffine. I saw on a show that you could be addicted to caffine. What are the warning signs and adverse affects of caffine addiction?


Caffeine addiction can be REALLY easily tested:

Quit cold turkey - zero intake.  Don't have caffeine in the morning when you wake up - really only works on a good night's sleep. 
If you get a headache during that day, you are to some degree addicted to caffeine.  If you get the headache in the evening, you are lightly addicted, if you get it around noon, you are moderately addicted - and if you wake up with a headache and need a coffee to make it go away, you are heavily addicted.  It might not be a throbbing headache, but you will feel *some* headache.

Unless, with a 6 hour half life, you are so caffeinated that takes longer to work it's way out of your system...

I used to get a specific headache after a day without caffeine, now I don't.  Never had a morning headache, even though I have had very heavy caffeine intake periods.

...it's a rule of thumb - as you suggest it has a quick pharmaceutical half life but your body's reaction to its absence is longer or shorter, person to person.

Just to add to frollard's answer other withdrawal symptoms inculde being irritable, lethargic and if it's an extreme case, probably a bit shakey...

How many coffees / teas / cokes / energy drinks do you get through in a day?

(Officially, any more than 4 = addiction.)

If you can't have your morning cigarette without a cup of coffee, you're addicted to caffeine.

Can you go a week without caffine without experiencing extreme headaches or depression?  If you can the you're probably no addicted.


8 years ago

Do you frequently drink coffee, tea, cola or energy drinks? If so, then you probably have an addiction. But not to worry, as addictions go, caffeine addiction is not  an especially pernicious one.
As a rough guess, probably half of the world's population shares that particular addiction without ill effects.
If it concerns you, just quit drinking caffeine containing beverages. You might feel a bit nervous and headachey at first; take an aspirin and go about your business. You'll be clean in a couple of days with almost no other symptoms.

It doesnt concern me im just wondering if anything bad happens like with por or heroin or sex addictions.

ok first drink a cup of coffee,soda,energy drinks, ect...  then when you decide you NEED more. then...well... you are !!!ADDICTED!!!