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How can we help people when tagging their projects and questions? Answered

After looking at some projects and posted questions, I have seen some people not using the proper tags or sometimes using unrelated tags. That affects how projects could be searched and found. This could eliminate the posting of the same questions that have been already answered. Does anyone have suggestions on how these people can be helped when it comes to adding tags to their projects and questions? 


I would just post a comment, something like this:

"I noticed that your 'keywords' don't match your Instructable / Question. More people will see this if you 'edit' the keywords to ones that are more meaningful."

After that, it's up to the OP. For questions though, I there will inevitably be those that will ask the same questions over and over again because they choose not to search first. (But I get your point).


Should an author not respond to your messages (maybe they're offline for a while), there are also a group of people with the ability to edit key words.

I'm sure you can work out who they are...

I'm sure you can work out who they are...

Actually, for newcomers, that's not easy. It might help if mods and admins were easily recognised.

Official staff are on the "about" page, but quite a few of the Community Team don't like to flaunt their status. Those that don't mind can be found here.

How would anyone know to look at that group?
It took me weeks to find out about the whole 'groups' thing at all.

Two good points.

Groups are historically under-utilised, but that is changing, I personally tell folk about the CT group on a fairly regular basis, but, you're right, they could be better-publicised.


6 years ago

An autosuggest feature (complete-as-you-type, but as a suggestion) wouldn't hurt. It would cut down on spelling errors, for one thing.

This a good idea. Since tags help make a posted question or project discoverable, it is something to pay attention to.