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How can we make a arch out of discarded bike rims/wheels? Answered

My fiance and I want to build a rounded arch out of discarded bike rims to use in our wedding ceremony next summer. We do not have welding equipment, which I imagine would be the easiest way to do this. Besides that, how could we do this? We'd love it to be rounded, but suggestions for a squared one would be ok, too. After the wedding the arch would live in our garden. Thank you in advance!



8 years ago

The easiest way is to do some experimenting, get a handful of quarters, a couple of nickels and dimes.
Decide on the type of arch you want and sketch it on a piece of paper, lay quarters flat on the sketch, and following  your sketched arch and then use either the nickel or the dime as the keystone.
When you decide, scale down the actual dimensions of the bike rims, and draw them out to scale to determine the actual finished size of the arch.
Fasten the rims together with bolts, or long sheet metal screws.
Here is a pic of some of the various types of arches:


Nice graphic Burf :)

Make an arch out of pipe.  Anchor that pipe in the ground and hang the wheels on the pipe.  Then hand flowers, leaves etc. on the wheels.

What exactly do the wheels represent?

First thought is cut one in half, leaving the hub and spokes on one half and using it like a Roman arch.

Bolts would work, but you will probably need some kind of support structure to keep it up, or build in triangles (front and back lean on each other at the top).

Could you be thinking of an overhead trellis, where the bike rims become an open roof over an area?  You would need some hoop shaped support to keep it up, like bent pipe (or a hoop-house frame).