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How can we make solar cell?any one guide me? Answered

I wanna make a solar cell...



5 years ago

Step 1: Build a solar cell factory.

Long story short, its a BIG industrial process. You can make quick demonstration units with various metal oxides, but basically, the only efficient method right now is with a LOT of silicon. For production cells (that actually make usable power) You grow a massive silicon crystal and slice it very thinly, then dope on electrodes. This is not something a diy user can really do.

What you can do is make a solar panel out of manufactured cells, quite cheaply (compared to commercial panels). Check ebay for 'tabbed solar cell' and buy piles and piles of 3x6 inch 1 volt cells. Glue them down to glass and solder them together, add a diode and charge controller and you have a solar panel and usable power.